EQ Anti Age Collagen is a extraordinary collagen product with the added ingredients:

 EQ Anti Age Collagen has the best combination of peptides, amino acids, and vitamins.

Clinical studies show that a collagen supplement:

  • Stimulates the production of the skin´s own collagen
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles
  • Less dry skin already after 8 weeks
  • For men and women
The product is conform to GMP(good manufacturing practice).
The food supplements does not substitute a various and healthy diet. Please consult your medic if you take anticoagulants.
Ingredients: Marine collagen, matcha green tea, ascorbic acid(vitamin C), silicon dioxide(anti-clotting agent), sea-buckthorn extract, nikotinamide(vitamin B3), calcium D-pantothenate(vitamin B5)

Contents per recomended daily dose
(1 sachet/4,74g)
Fish Collagen 4500 mg
Matcha Green Tea 100 mg
Vitamin C 5 mg 63%
Sea-buckthorn 25 mg
Vitamin B3 16 mg
Vitamin B5 3,5 mg 58%*
*Of reference value RDI

EQ Anti Age Collagen is now even easier to mix into tea/coffee, soups, yoghurt etc.

Recommended daily dose: 1 sachet.
Allergen warnings: The product contains protein from fish and shellfish.

Easier to blend

Our new EQ Anti Age Collagen is now even easier to blend, and we recommend mixing it into tea/coffee, soups, yoghurt, etc.

Good to know

  • EQ Anti Age Collagen is a natural source of absorbable collagen proteins
  • The main ingredient in EQ Anti Age Collagen is collagen from fish, an entirely natural product.
  • Allergies: The product contains proteins from fish and shellfish.
  • Store sealed in a dry place, 15-25 °C, keep out of the reach of children.
  • Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced and healthy diet.